Mom Has 13-pound Baby Named Jihad

Guio | November 27, 2011 | 0 Comments More

On Friday November 25th, 2011 an unnamed woman with diabetes gave birth in Germany to her 14th child named Jihad weighing 13 pounds.

Baby Jihad is considered the heaviest child born the country.

Doctors at Berlin’s Charité hospital explained that Jihad’s impressive size at birth was due to the fact that the 528-pound mother had gestational diabetes and ignored her physician’s order to stop eating sweet food during her pregnancy.

According to Dr. Wolfgang Henrich, chief physician at Charite’s obstetrics clinic, the 40-year-old woman who loves to defy doctors orders was the one who insisted on a vaginal birth instead of a cesarean section.

While Jihad might be a chubby baby, he is far from the biggest baby ever born – that honor goes to Ann Bates, a Canadian who delivered a new born in 1879 who weighed 23 pounds and 12 ounces.

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