Dog Shoots Owner

Guio | December 1, 2011 | 0 Comments More

On Sunday Robert Cottingham was duck hunting with his son, his brother in law and his yellow lab named Piper at the Bear River Bird Refuge north of Salt Lake City when he was shot in the derriere and the back by the dog.

Too embarrassed to appear on camera to talk about the incident Robert Cottingham decided to blog about it instead.

The Utah hunter explained that two hours into his adventure at the bird refuge, he momentary left his boat to attend to a wounded duck that is when the exited puppy stepped on the trigger and he received 27 shotgun pellets in the buttocks.

A limping Cottingham explained the despite his visit to the ER he still has most of the pellets lodged in his butt.

He advised people to be more careful with they go hunting and to make sure they have the safety on their guns.

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